Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Happy New Year!

As the snow flutters down outside, inside, frenetic activity with the sudden realisation that my entry to the Davos competition may pay dividends.

Or then again, it may not. But at the end of the day, what's important is the trying....

It has really forced me to look at what outcomes I really want from this campaign. The end game is too simple for words. End FGM. Now. I think that says it all. Of course, there's a whole list of objectives that then can help with saying how to achieve that.

What strikes me today in my reading and clarifying is two things:

1) I can't find anywhere the global spend on FGM. My business training has taught me to find out where the money is and follow it. This is easier said than done in this situation. Anecdotally, I have a $44mn over 10 years figure, but cannot find the breakdown of that. And that's globally.

2) The UN inter-agency statement 2008 says that "The UN agencies confirm their commitment to support governments, communities and the women and girls concerned to achieve the abandonment of female genital mutilation within a generation."

But nowhere does it define what a generation is, or an end date. Would we get away with that in the corporate sector?

So without knowing the quantum of money being spent on FGM, over what term, how is it possible to assess the outcomes?

This whole debate needs to be so much sharper.

So, I turn back to drafting a holding page for, again with a few day's notice (and my huge thanks to Sam Deeks and Julian Burton at

Thanks again to Mike Brett at who helped me film the YouTube piece.

That's all for now - the next 36 hours should be revealing - if I'm in the top 5, all systems go!

If not, well, then I guess I live to fight another day. Hard to see which way it will go....

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